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Tech Museum Fun for Kids of All Ages

Tech Museum Fun for Kids of All Ages

You are never too young to play with things. As we get older we often think we need to “grow up” and stop touching and playing with things, especially when we go to museums and see signs saying “Please Do Not Touch” all over the exhibits. It can be frustrating for parents with young children who like feeling everything and it can even be frustrating for adults with a child-like spirit who also enjoy getting hands-on when learning. Most people learn best when they have the ability to perform the task and The Tech Museum in San Jose knows this, which is why a visit to the museum is a fully interactive and completely hands-on experience.

Before visiting, many people might not find the tech industry particularly interesting. They like having technology like laptop computers, smart phones, advanced screenings for diseases, and DNA testing, but don’t really care about the science behind it all. However, The Tech Museum can even turn the person most unimpressed by technological advances into a kid who is exploring a new toy for the first time.


Every single part of the museum encourages interaction. You can swipe your hand as fast as you can between two posts to find out how many computers have been made and moves the chess-playing computer Deep Blue has contemplated during that timeframe. You can have a wheelchair race against your friend, examine DNA, look at yourself through a thermal imaging camera, and have your photo taken and drawn by a computer. These are just a fraction of the experiences that can be had at The Tech Museum.

The Tech Museum also has an IMAX theater. Currently the theater is showing the story of the Hubble, Under the Sea showcasing some of the most isolated undersea locations and The Human Body, which includes topics on human reproduction from conception through birth. For an extra fee and limited time, visitors have the option of watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 on an IMAX screen.

Kids get to learn the value and necessity of technology by playing games, and adults get to be kids again. There is something for everyone and it would be difficult not to enjoy yourself. In fact, it is extremely difficult not to lose track of time. Hours after entering, there is still more to see and play with.

The best part? Nearly everything can be scanned in through your admission ticket and downloaded when you return home. Even better than taking the experience home is the price tag to get in. Admission to the museum is only $10 and with the museum only being a very short trip outside of Santa Clara it is worth seeing.

The Tech Museum is open Monday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is located at 201 South Market Street in San Jose. Tickets can be purchased at the museum or online through the museum’s website,


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