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Sunnyvale’s CityLine Development Enters Next Phase

“It’s just scratching the surface, it’s nowhere near as great as it’s going to be…as we get this thing going into the next phase it’s going to be entirely different in a really positive way,” said Dave Hopkins, Chief Operating Officer of Residential Development at Sares Regis. Sares is the developer behind CityLine, the project aimed at transforming Downtown Sunnyvale.

Hopkins says he is extremely excited about what’s coming up in 2020 as the redevelopment of Downtown Sunnyvale continues. In April, the new AMC movie theater will open and the Whole Foods will follow just weeks after that. But it is the developments later in 2020 that he believes will really transform Downtown.

“Our next big events will probably come around demolishing the Macy’s for redevelopment of that very important block of downtown in a coordinated mix-use project that we hope happens this year,” said Hopkins. “[That] would really be the transformational event of the downtown if that project gets going.”


Sares Regis is currently working with the City of Sunnyvale to get plans for the next phase of development approved. The goal is to have that approval in the next few months. Hopkins says while there will be changes like the demolition of the Macy’s building, his team is also working to preserve some of what’s already there.

“We’re going to rebuild the park where the ice rink was and improve it in such a way that it’s designed to accommodate a very flexible set of events and community events from the Farmer’s Market as needed to concerts,” said Hopkins. “We’re really excited about it, it’s going to be an amazing outdoor space that’s surrounded by those existing redwoods and the movie theater and Whole Foods.”

And Hopkins hopes that outdoor space will include an ice rink next season as well.

“[The ice rink] was amazingly well received. It was crowded every week it was open. We had very popular events during the week and on the weekend,” said Hopkins. “It surpassed all of our expectations so we are working with the city to envision a longer-term plan to keep it in the downtown.”

As for phase one, crews are working on putting the finishing touches on the interior of some of the retail spaces created during phase one, but the construction is basically done.

Multiple businesses have already signed on to open in 2020. Restaurants like Pacific Catch and Urban Plates as well as self-care salons like Salon Republic and Namaste Nail Salon have already signed leases. The apartments built during phase one at the complex, called The Flats, have all been leased as well. Construction has already started on the second phase of The Flats, which will create an additional 272 apartments.

“We’re progressing as we planned to in building the downtown out in a coordinated manner that protects the existing businesses through construction and is going to set the table for long-term success of Sunnyvale’s downtown such that it’s going to reach it’s potential. I think we’re right on track, exactly where we hope to be and we’re thrilled,” said Hopkins.

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