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Silicon Valley Power Honored by EPA

Silicon Valley Power (SVP) has received new accolades, this time from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During the U.S. EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program Annual Partner Meeting on Nov. 17, SVP was awarded the RAD Champion Award as part of the third year of the RAD Leadership Awards Program. The RAD Champion award recognizes the top 10 partners with the highest percentage of units processed with foam recovery.

As a RAD Partner, SVP ensures the proper disposal of refrigerant-containing appliances by using best environmental practices that go beyond what is required by federal law, including recovering appliance insulation foam, encouraging the recycling of all durable goods, and promoting the permanent retirement of old, inefficient appliances to save energy. SVP has made a positive impact on the environment by reducing emissions of ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases and preventing durable materials from entering landfills.

Since joining the RAD Program in 2010, SVP collected and processed 2,182 refrigerated appliances, reducing carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to energy use of 2,471 homes for one year based on national averages. SVP was awarded the RAD Champion Award for having one of the highest rates of insulation foam recovery in the RAD Program in 2021.


Congratulations to Silicon Valley Power on their RAD Champion Award,” said Sally Hamlin, RAD Program Manager. “This award demonstrates their commitment to recycling appliances the RAD way, and we look forward to their continuing efforts to prevent sending recyclable materials to landfills and their help in avoiding climate-damaging emissions.”

To learn more about the RAD Program and its Leadership Awards Program, visit the Environmental Protection Agency website.

SVP focuses on green initiatives in other programs in addition to its RAD program. For example, in 2022, the agency sponsored induction cooking classes through Santa Clara Unified’s adult education program to introduce residents to the positives of induction cooking and to encourage them to switch away from gas stoves.


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