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ServiceNow Expands Santa Clara Footprint

ServiceNow, a cloud computing company founded in 2003, is now expanding its existing headquarters on Lawson Lane in Santa Clara. The main corporate office is located at 2225 Lawson Lane and the company’s most recent real estate move is to lease another building, this time at 2251 Lawson Lane. The building is owned by The Sobrato Organization, which also holds the other Lawson Lane office properties.

“ServiceNow recently expanded its headquarters by leasing an additional building on Lawson Lane,” the company offered in a statement. “This is in addition to last year’s announcement that ServiceNow had entered into a new lease agreement for new buildings that will be built nearby to help accommodate the anticipated growth of ServiceNow.”

Formerly based in San Diego, ServiceNow moved its headquarters to Santa Clara in 2013, signing a lease for office space on Jay Street; the company still leases 130,000 square feet at that location. Then in 2014, the company began expanding on Lawson Lane, signing a 12-year lease for two buildings that The Sobrato Organization had built on speculation two years prior.


ServiceNow’s current footprint in Santa Clara totals 858,000 square feet. The combined square footage of the main buildings at 2225 Lawson and 2215 Lawson is 329,000 square feet; each building is about 165,000 square feet. The newest addition of 2251 Lawson provides 130,000 square feet of space. Another Lawson Street expansion site where construction is in the initial phases will supply the company with another 269,000 square feet, and then there’s the 130,000 square feet on Jay Street.

The company declined to disclose the number of employees by location, but as of Q1 2019, a total of 8,666 employees worked for ServiceNow. Building amenities include cafes, on-site gym facilities with daily fitness classes, social activities for employees and quiet rooms, among other perks.

The 2251 Lawson Lane office property was purchased by an affiliate of The Sobrato Organization for $41.1 million in May.

Bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, The Sobrato Organization declined to comment about the lease deal or new buildings under construction.

ServiceNow experienced a 36 percent year-over-year revenue growth from 2018 to 2019. In a recent trading session this month, the company’s stock closed at $267.79, representing 0.56 percent growth from the prior day when the S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq all experienced losses.


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