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Sean’s Music Factory Delivers Lively Second Album

Sean's Music Factory Delivers Lively Second Album

Imagine listening to an audio interpretation of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” where the playful song launches with primitive beats, veers into Native American rhythms, and then travels through the many different periods of American music. Such is “Time Travel Twinkle,” a new track in Sean’s Music Factory’s second children’s music album, “High Five.” Many pieces on this album mingle fresh, kid-friendly tunes with upbeat alternative rock.

On Saturday, September 13 at 1 p.m., Sean’s Music Factory’s lead vocalist Sean Mendelson will perform with a band at the Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival’s Kids Kingdom stage, where he’ll showcase music from his first and second albums. Mendelson is also the composer behind Sean’s Music Factory, and owner of Teacher Sean’s Music Factory. “Although my second album, ‘High Five,’ officially goes on sale October 1,” he says, “I plan to make my second album available at the festival performance.

Sean's Music Factory Delivers Lively Second Album

“For my second album, I did a variety of different songs. I have several songs that are super simple with just two sections, an A section and B section, and these songs easily cater to the age 0 to 8 crowd,” continues Mendelson, covering album highlights. “The song I’m most excited about is the title track called ‘High Five.’ The way I say ‘hi’ and ‘goodbye’ to kids I’ve been teaching for the last 12 years has been with a high five. So I wrote this song that’s intended to be inclusive of people from all walks of life. I also have a song without words called ‘Roll, Pop, Click.’ This song uses a dozen different sounds you can make with your mouth to a simple melody, like the rolling of the tongue against your lip or the ‘burring’ of the lips together to make a helicopter sound.”


A Kickstarter campaign raising $4,000 helped finance “High Five.” Community contributions and some sales earned from Mendelson’s first album also went into the campaign.

“I can’t thank people enough,” Mendelson says. “The Silicon Valley community has helped me realize one of my dreams. Also, a gentleman who played piano in one of my songs is a dad in one of my Music Together classes. Another mom from one of my classes worked on the layout and design of the whole album.”

The release of Mendelson’s first album, “Crank Out the Music,” helped cultivate brand recognition for him and his music. When he performs at libraries and other public spaces, fans and audience members frequently sing along. Mendelson has been keeping his fingers crossed since he recently submitted his first album to be considered for a Grammy in the best children’s album category.

“Crank Out the Music” can be purchased at Hicklebees in San Jose, and both of Mendelson’s albums can be purchased through PayPal at and at all major Internet outlets.

Fans can “like” Teacher Sean’s Music Factory on Facebook.


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