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Update: SCPD Investigating After Officer “Discharged” Weapon Near Downtown Area

Santa Clara police say officers arrested two people while investigating a stolen vehicle on Lincoln Street near downtown.


The Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) offered new information about why an officer “discharged” their weapon near downtown Santa Clara.

While responding to reports of a stolen vehicle, officers tried to arrest the two men inside the vehicle. Police say, during the arrest, the driver put the vehicle in reverse and drove at the detectives. One of the detectives fire their duty weapon. No one was hit. 


The vehicle speed backwards and collided with a nearby building. The two men inside ran.

Officers arrested Art Torres, 50, of San Jose and Dominique Dotson-Cabrera, 36, San Jose nearby. Torres had multiple outstanding warrants including possession of a controlled substance for sale and corporal injury to a spouse. Dotson-Cabrera had more than a half dozen outstanding warrants including vehicle burglary, vehicle theft, burglary and possession of others personal identification.

If you witnessed this incident or have information, contact SCPD Detective Sergeant Hagg at (408) 615-4814. Individuals may also provide information via the Anonymous Tip Line (408) 615-4TIP (4847).


The Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) is on scene of an investigation in the area of Harrison Street between Lincoln and Jefferson Streets.

According to Lt. Cuong Phan of SCPD, special enforcement detectives arrived in the area around 9:12 a.m. to investigate a stolen vehicle. At some point, detectives located the vehicle on the 1200 block of Lincoln Street.

While officers were on scene, one of the officers “discharged” their duty weapon. No one was hurt.

Police arrested two people. Officers are still on scene investigating and some streets may be closed.

SCPD says there is “no threat” to the community.


  1. Fred 1 year ago

    One of the officers “discharged” their duty weapon? Why do you parrot police language, which is designed to excuse their every action?

    How hard would it be for you say “…the officer fired their service gun”? Plain English, people!

  2. Brad 1 year ago

    I’d lose my CCW if I discharged my weapon unless I was in mortal danger. Hope cop is held to the same standards.

  3. Mike 1 year ago

    Why use Newspeak from 1984? Parroting Russia with its “special military operation” instead of “war” and “pops” instead of “explosions”…

  4. CSC 1 year ago

    It will be interesting to see how SCPD and the city investigates and reports this incident. The Special Enforcement Team (SET) is the same group responsible for the catastrophic injury to Danielle Burfine who was paid $6.7M when officers lead by Greg Hill and Greg Deger broke into her home without warrant.
    Santa Clara Police Department’s Policy Manual Section 306.7(a) Firearm Discharge directs “If on-duty at the time of the incident, the member shall file a written report with his/her Division Commander or provide a recorded statement to investigators prior to the end of shift, unless otherwise directed.” If the firearm was used as a use of force against another person, additional reporting requirements are set forth in the Use of Force Policy. Page 8-9 here:
    Historically, the City of Santa Clara and its police department have had a terrible record of transparency. With recently enacted laws, full disclosure of this incident with all internal documentation and video/audio should be available within the coming weeks.

    • fred 1 year ago

      I hope you’re not holding your breath waiting for a factual accounting. I’m not.

  5. LuvTheSETteam 1 year ago

    CSC you forgot to mention the lady’s daughter was arrested for arson! It was a city Council that ridiculously agree to settle! Our police officers are awesome. Seems like people are just hating because you’re not in that field.

  6. CSC 1 year ago

    The “you forgot to mention” city employee is back. Burfine’s daughter being arrested and convicted of arson has nothing to do with SCPD illegally pulling the mother from her house and breaking her ankle, the city council would have never approved the settlement amount if the city’s attorney and insurance provider hadn’t advised them to do so.

  7. Larry 1 year ago

    “Catastrophic” ?!?!? Laughable. That woman took that money and bought a bar next to The Pink Poodle. Threw away her cane right after the settlement.

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