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Santa Clara Vanguard Wins Again

Santa Clara Vanguard Wins Again

Santa Clara Vanguard has done it again.

For the second time in its 10–year history, the Santa Clara Vanguard Winter Guard has won the 2015 Winter Guard International Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

SCV won the April 18 competition, outperforming 30 guards from across the United States and Japan, with its 2015 show, “You’ll Never Be Alone.” With a score by Ezio Basso and vocal arrangement by The Books, “You’ll Never Be Alone” dazzled the judges and secured the top spot. Vanguard scored a 98.25 – enough to knock off defending champion Onyx of Dayton, who came in second. Prince of Cincinnati took third place.


Santa Clara Vanguard Chief Executive Officer Jeff Fiedler believes part of this year’s success was due to the extraordinary talent among the performers.

Santa Clara Vanguard Wins Again

“This year's guard has been a special group,” he said. “Not only were they the most–talented accumulation of members we've had in the 10 years we've been offering the program, they were also the most diverse; with members coming from varying levels of experience, going back as far as the first few seasons of the SCV winter guard, as well as many members from recent Vanguard summer programs. They not only performed well as an ensemble, they were committed to rehearsal, to the developing program, to fundraising, to recruiting, and they also enjoyed each other's company very much. [They were] a very mature and responsible group of very dedicated young people.”

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