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Santa Clara Police Department Crime Bulletin

Vehicle Break-Ins are one of the most common crimes. They are usually random and are a crime of opportunity. SCPD gives the following crime prevention tips to protect your vehicle and valuables.

Vehicle Break-in Prevention Tips

  • Always lock your vehicle – An unlocked vehicle is an open invitation to a thief. Lock your vehicle even if you are making a quick stop.
  • Never leave valuables inside your vehicle or TRUNK – Remove cellular phones, GPS systems, iPods, tablets or other valuable items.
  • Use anti-theft devices – Set your alarm.
  • Park in visible, well-lighted areas – Avoid parking in secluded and dark areas.
  • Immediately report suspicious activity or persons in the area.
  • If you are a victim of a vehicle break-in, a Police Report can be filed online at or call the SCPD Non-Emergency (408) 615-5580

Home Break-Ins Prevention Tips

  • Always lock your home – have a dead bolt and use it. Lock all doors and windows in front of your home and behind fenced areas.
  • Daytime occurrence – Thieves know most people work during the day, so most break-ins are occurring during daytime hours.
  • Be alert – Don’t dismiss suspicious persons, vehicles, or situations. Report them immediately. Look out for your neighbors. Get to know your neighbors.
  • Use anti-theft devices – Alarms, dogs, lighting, and defensible plants.

Contact the Santa Clara Police Department immediately to report a crime in progress or any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles in your neighborhood.


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