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Santa Clara Golf Course To Close in October

Santa Clara’s municipal golf course will close in October to make way for groundbreaking on Related Companies’ City Place, a $6 billion-plus mixed-use development that has been on the horizon since 2012. The golf course manager, American Golf — which also manages the Tennis Club — was unavailable for comment.

Last month the City sent American Golf a notice of termination that included a six-month extension of the company’s current management contract into October 2019, according to a May 8, 2019 City news release.

The City will also pay American Golf an additional six months fixed management fee as an early contract termination fee, to ensure “a smooth transition for the operator, with an intent to assist employees during this period,” said the release.


Golf course operations will start winding down Oct. 1, and the golf and tennis courts will be closed around Oct. 15. “The City is exploring alternate options for golf and tennis enthusiasts for continued play at nearby public facilities,” said the news release.

Santa Clara’s general fund has received no profit from the golf course since 2015, according to City financial reports. In the current fiscal year golf course operations have shown a small net profit — $1.75 per round. In recent years the City has had to subsidize golf course operations.


  1. Debi leary 5 years ago

    Build build build not a wonderful safe city anymore
    U sell property for what reason?
    To make an old historic city a mini Hong Kong with cubicle living congestion noise and the same roads to move all the e yes people
    Gone r the days when teal residents hit lower utility bills. Ecosystem corporation paid more for utilities

  2. Catherine Adams 5 years ago

    Debi Leary, completely agree. I moved out last year, but that is the trend, to turn the Bay Area into a mini Hong Kong with apartment buildings and housing on every square inch of property. It is happening in a smaller fashion here in the Sierra foothills but we do not have the jobs that the Bay Area does, thank goodness. Beautiful Santa Clara is losing itself 🙁

  3. ABecker 5 years ago

    Goodbye open space, hello Santana Row 2, the last huge piece of open space, and I agree with commenter above, Build Build Build is all I see and hear.

    Years ago as a little boy I remember this being a dump…. it then transitioned into a golf course. Turning the landfill into a lush green landscape with a backdrop of the diablo mountain range in the background will truly be missed. I wish it could have been a park like Shoreline (itself a former dump).
    With the arrival of the stadium we all knew something was going to be done here. Yet the treatment of tenant David’s Restaurant has been a low point for the city.
    I hear it wasn’t profitable, but at same time when government does everything it can to make something fail, it’s kinda hard to make a profit or even have a voice.
    It is beautiful out there in the late afternoon when the bay breeze kicks in. Feeling the cool breeze on a warm day out there on the rolling hills and swaying trees to witness the sunset will be missed. When I was young…. myself and other youngsters would ride bikes out that way often and go out to he BMX park. I remember also being out there summer nights to watch fireworks from Great America. It was a great way to beautify a former eyesore.
    The new project will be a concrete and glass jungle. The Northside needs something like this to boost our entertainment area, but having housing, dining, shopping built on a former landfill and a constant issue with methane does not seem like a great idea. Does it solve the problem or create more ?
    The Related Project commonly known as City Place is a $6 billion dollar project (biggest in bay area history) that was never voted on by the people. This should have at least asked the question to the voters what to do with the land, similar to what Cupertino did with Vallco. It never happened, but across the street we voted for a $1.5 Billion Dollar Stadium.
    It will be built there is no stopping that , the traffic will increase and get worse. Hopefully we plan a great transportation system and road alleviation to accommodate this massive project.
    I am sorry to all the people that are leaving our great city because of the drastic changes, you were our backbone.
    Until then, I ask all Santa Claran’s and locals go take in the sights and some of the last open space in Santa Clara and the south bay.

  4. Annemarie 5 years ago

    I was born in Los Altos in 1966. I moved away in 2015 because Santa Clara County is no longer..
    Traffic,overcrowding,garbage on freeway offramps,polution…
    I coukdnt stand it..Taking this Golf Course is Wrong, but not much can be done now, and that saddens me

  5. The wolf 5 years ago

    Developer money has completely infiltrated our politics. We must push moneyed interests away from our homes

  6. Anonymous 5 years ago

    All those of you leaving Bay Area, the more the exodus, the more you are allowing these foreign investors to take over the country in bits to the extent that they will own more than you and I can imagine.
    Please dont sell your properties to outsiders. Some countries have rules that prevents foreign investors buying land in their country. The buyer either has to be a citizen or must have lived in the country for a ‘x’ no. of years. Unfortunately the laws here are not as strong.
    Today I was driving through half moon bay. So many parcels of land that overlooks the beautiful Pacific Ocean has the Sale Pending signs. Again, I suspect they are bought over by foreign investors to Build Build Build more and more homes and ruin the beautiful open landscape.

    Please dont sell to any outsiders. There are enough loop holes that allow proxy buyers, real estate investors to buy…just so many ways to abuse the system. There greed is never ending! Save the landscape for our kids and the generations to come. The city officials are political puppets. If you truly love your country and the bay area, dont sell to investors, dont sell to outsiders. Protect what is left.

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