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Santa Clara County Assessor Larry Stone Condemned for “Sexist” and “Misogynistic” Comments

The Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee (SCCDCC) has voted to condemn Santa Clara County Tax Assessor Larry Stone. The May 6 vote stems from a comment Stone made to San Jose Inside, in which he said, “[Assessor candidate], Gary Kremen is sucking the tit of the union. That’s what the whole race will be about.”

In its resolution to condemn Stone, the SCCDCC said, “Stone’s statement is deeply offensive and reflects a profound lack of respect for and antipathy towards women and workers, including those over whom he as authority as Assessor…Stone’s statement is antithetical to the values of the Santa Clara County Democratic Party as expressed in the Fair Campaign Pledge to which it requires all endorsed candidates to adhere.”

Many of the attendees at the May 6 meeting spoke in favor of passing the resolution.


“I think that we need to move out of the old stone age and move forward with a better mentality and be more openminded,” said an impassioned Olivia Navaro. “Yes, things have changed in the Assessor’s Office but I don’t really believe it was because of you sir. I think because people like us are out there demanding change.”

Community leader and professor at Stanford Law School, Michele Dauber offered her support of the resolution based upon communications with Stone following the published comments.

“My takeaway from all of this is that Mr. Stone is not sincerely sorry and does not understand what he’s done and is not making amends for it,” said Dauber. “I think that we need to have consequences that produce more accountability.”

The office of Santa Clara County Tax Assessor is non-partisan, but Stone has previously identified as Democrat. He has also received the support of members of the local Democratic party in the past.

By condemning Stone, the SCCDCC has indicated that it will not support Stone in future elections including the one for re-election in 2022.


  1. SC County Resident 3 years ago


  2. not so sensitive 3 years ago

    Don’t let these sensitive people take the comment with the f’d up narrative take control. It was only a figure of speech.

  3. Winnie Sloan 3 years ago

    I think that Mr. Stone has let his status as Tax Assessor go to his head. No matter whether you are a private citizen or a public office holder, your words do matter. We all learned that from the Trump presidency. Mt. Stone’s arrogance in saying whatever he wants shows his hand at thinking he is above reproach. He is not. When someone has been in office a long time and they think they can say or do anything without consequences, it is time for them to be removed from office. They are not above the rules of decency and moral conduct. He has been in office a long time and it is perhaps time to replace him.

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