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Santa Clara Council Member Patricia M. Mahan Submits Resignation

Santa Clara Council Member Patricia M. Mahan has submitted her resignation as a City Council Member. Her term was going to expire in November 2020.

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, Council Member Patricia M. Mahan submitted her resignation from her District 5 seat due to serious medical issues. Council Member Mahan’s resignation will become effective on Feb. 1, 2020.

“On behalf of the City Council, thank you to Council Member Mahan for her significant contributions and service to the Santa Clara community,” said Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor. “We respect her decision and are thinking of her and her family as they face a very challenging time ahead.”

There will be an agenda item informing the Council of the resignation on Jan. 28. The City Charter requires the Council to declare the Council Member’s seat vacant. This action will be scheduled for the Feb. 11 Council & Concurrent Authorities Meeting. Her four-year term expires November 2020.


More information about the Councilmember’s public service is available on


  1. Mary o. Grizzle 4 years ago

    I wish Patty all the luck moving forward, Patty and her family have served the City of Santa Clara For decades and have helped to make the City the envy of all our neighbors. My prayer are with her.

  2. Laura Fanelli 4 years ago

    I really respect Patricia Mahan and hope she mends soon and has complete health. I am really sorry she is having to vacate the board. She was a voice of reason and not one of the Mayors people who vote right along with the Mayor. Our City needed more like her on the board.

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