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Santa Clara City Clerk Candidate: Peta Roberts

The Santa Clara Weekly has invited candidates running for Santa Clara City Council and City Clerk to speak directly to the voters via our pages and website. 

  1. What is the primary role of the City Clerk? 

The Office of the Clerk acts like a secretary to the city, recording meetings, contracts, ordinances, resolutions as well as administer oaths, and be responsible for city elections and the city seal. Recently, the City Clerk position itself has changed to just the last two roles – to be responsible for city elections and the city seal. The position requires responsibility, ability to adhere to the law, willingness to listen and learn and be mindful of the needs of city residents.


  1. How will you ensure that the Council and City operates in a transparent way and that its operations comply with law? 

Transparency in elections is so important to a democracy. The City already has processes around running elections, and my aim would be to work with residents to strengthen these processes. Transparency is key to a favorable public perception, so I will ensure information, dates, and legal requirements is shared publicly. I will be available to answer questions about City elections, treating all candidates fairly, and providing good documentation. Although City Clerk is an elected position, it is not a position that was elected to oversee the Council itself.



  1. What constitutes a conflict of interest for a City Clerk? 

I have no financial interest in companies that profit from elections, nor am I a lobbyist. I don’t have any controlling interests in entities that profit from Council decisions. I am also prepared as elected official to help other nominees for City Clerk to run against me in future elections by discharging properly the role of City Clerk. Democracy requires that I be impartial and transparent enough to carry out these duties.


  1. How will you conduct yourself so that you will be a fair and impartial administrator? How will you ensure that you are perceived that way? 

Running elections requires the Clerk to be a willing and committed. The Clerk is directly accountable to all residents. Fairness and impartiality are important to ensure democracy in action. I have always been respectful of the rule of law, and I support democratic principles. As Clerk, I will uphold the law, adhere to all legal requirements and apply these in all situations that involves election issues. I have studied administrative law at university, and have had almost ten years experience working in administrative roles in government that gives me a deep understanding of the need for fair, just and transparent administrative processes.

Peta Roberts

The following candidates for City Clerk Candidates did not respond to the Weekly’s opportunity to speak to the voters: Hosam Haggag, Roseann LaCoursiere, Thomas MacDevitt and Christopher Stampolis.


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  1. Thomas MacDevitt 6 years ago

    I want to make some clarifications. My last name is spelled MacDevitt, and I never received an opportunity from this organization. I would be delighted to state my platform for you.

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