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Russell’s Furniture Thrives in Santa Clara for 50 Years

Russell's Furniture Thrives in Santa Clara for 50 YearsRussell's Furniture Thrives in Santa Clara for 50 Years

Russell’s Furniture, known for quality furniture at a good price, is still in Santa Clara after 50 years, but now at 2600 Lafayette St., where it celebrated its grand re-opening October 2nd. Mayor Jamie Matthews helped genial owners Richard and Eleanor Russell–married 57 years–cut the traditional red ribbon.

Russell’s Furniture vacated its original site on El Camino Real last year to make way for a housing development. After extensively renovating its new, 50,000-square-foot, two-floor store, Russell’s opened its new doors in November 2014.

“It’s hard to find this kind of square footage. Just look at this place–it goes on and on,” says Richard, leading the way through room after room of furnishings creatively arranged by floor display manager Anita Williams.


The showrooms are worth exploring even if you think you don’t need any furniture. A 1930 Model A Ford and Amish buggy are parked on the ground floor. Upstairs, you can shake hands with “Uncle Sam,” from an old carnival, to find out how romantic you are.

“We’re very pleased people have found us here. We truly wanted to stay in Santa Clara. It’s more of a small town you feel comfortable in,” says Richard.

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