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Random Acts of Kindness

There is a lot of uncertainty associated with a shelter in place order, but it’s at times like this that random acts of kindness show the resiliency of people who want to make a difference.

People’s big hearts have shown themselves through acts of kindness such as three separate Easter Bunnies being chauffeured around town and by people driving through their neighborhoods honking their horns in support of first responders. Many are getting involved in spreading kindnesses, school-aged girls are drawing sidewalk chalk art for others — oftentimes for people their parents haven’t even met — and a local woman purchased an inflatable unicorn outfit to go for a walk and make her neighbors smile.

The sidewalk chalk art is the work of Vickie Fairchild and her daughters, Sarah (8) and Olivia (10). It started as a way to keep the girls occupied and has blossomed into something much more. Their sidewalk chart art has appeared in front of no less than 18 homes in Santa Clara with a waiting list that stretches several weeks into the future.


“It makes people feel happy,” said Oliva. “[Our neighbors] feel joy and every time they go out for a walk, they see our artwork and smile.”

“It’s great to get out and do nice things for people,” added Sarah.

For anyone that knows her, Annette DeSousa is always eager to help. Several weeks into the shelter in place order, she purchased an inflatable unicorn costume and decided that, for her first foray, she would venture out to pick up a cup of coffee — in the unicorn costume.

Disappointed Starbucks was closed, she went instead to CVS to purchase a nail file. Since then, she’s received a request to walk past the birthday party for twin girls that was canceled due to the shelter in place order. Others say they want to buy inflatable creatures to help out too.


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  1. Sara Smith 4 years ago

    Great job girls!

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