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PRESS RELEASE: Santa Clara Chamber PAC


FROM: The Santa Clara Chamber PAC

To: The Santa Clara Community


October 31, 2018


Our once helpful City Clerk staff has been replaced by political nit pickers.

The Santa Clara Chamber PAC has been unfairly attacked by our own City.

In an easy to fix paperwork issue, the City has made a simple box check on an application into a Federal case with fines and penalties that could be charged to the Santa Clara Chamber PAC. This possible penalty was pointed out by the new acting City Clerk, Nadine Nader in a multi-page letter.

When filing our organization status with the City, we had to check one of three boxes indicating our geographic predominant area; Santa Clara, the County of Santa Clara or the State of California.

Because the Chamber PAC has supported candidates within the County, both inside and outside the City, we checked the “County” box on the application.

The attached letter from former City Clerk Rod Diridon Jr. indicates the PAC followed City procedure and complied with FPPC requirements.

The current City Staff suggests the PAC operated out of compliance because more money was supporting candidates in Santa Clara than in the County.

The SCC PAC has always worked closely with our City Clerk and election officer, to confirm our spending and written reports are accurate.

While the PAC has done nothing wrong, the new administration now wishes to assess fines and penalties over $45,000 for not checking the correct box.

The PAC believes this is a politically motivated and instigated action.

The SCC PAC has nothing to hide and will respond to the complaint in a timely fashion.

We can understand this recent action due to the pressure the Mayor is under with the current election cycle.

We ask for now that you vote your conscience and vote for folks who can bring us back together, not tear our town apart.


  1. Jay 6 years ago

    The PAC is trying to replace the Mayor who has been figthing for the Santa Clara residents against the Big Money and Deep Rooted corruption at the Santa Clara Chamber. The PAC has to come clean and be transparent in terms of who is funding them. Do not hide behind the curtains PAC

  2. Bruce Shepherd 6 years ago

    Wow, Jay you are 100% wrong, the mayor is a self centered egotistical person who is manipulating the council, wasting money on frivolous audits that gain nothing, losing revenue because she fired the Visitors and Convention Bureau and will waste thousands of dollars outsourcing the CVB to a company that has a consultant selling Santa Clara a bill of goods that was a monumental failure as Team San Jose!! Yeah, by the time she term limits Santa Clara will be on the verge of bankruptcy, and every revenue generators in the city will be at odds with her.

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