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New Years Eve / Rated PG-13 for adult situations and serious kissing.

Garry Marshall, now 75 years old, is still trying to make ends meet. His latest effort to supplement his Social Security check is a directorial job at the helm of New Years Eve. According to the database GM is a pretty busy guy. Besides helming 28 movies as a director, he has been in on the production of 27 titles, acted in 69 and been involved in scripting 29 more. This does not count his TV work. Retirement does not seem to be one of his goals.

In NYE he returns to one of his themes of directing movies about non holiday holidays. He also directed Valentine Day in 2010.

NYE is a film which takes place entirely on New Years Eve of 2011. Many characters and stories unfold, intertwine and merge as the midnight hour approaches. This is a film that is hoping for success based on its ensemble cast more than any other factor.


The story itself is primarily a mix of soap opera, light comedy and romance. It has a feel good ending. A few tears may fall depending on your mood or state of sobriety during viewing. Everything about NYE is competent and the film is a totally harmless experience. It is by no means a really good film nor does it cover any new territory.

The ensemble cast lists lots of big names. Included are three winners of an Oscar in the best actor or actress category. The cast includes lots of cameos. In fact this film may well feature every actor and actress currently working. I also noticed at least 7 performances by people formerly in the profession who died several years ago. While none appear in a speaking role it’s good to see them come back to life if only for a small cameo role.

As the end of NYE approaches many of the story line surprises actually turn out to be somewhat surprising; which, in itself, is a pleasant surprise. Other intended surprises are about as surprising as discovering New Years Day follows New Years Eve. Party on.

Rated 2.5 out of 4.0 cameos I may have missed. More are promised in the Garry‘s upcoming films. Surprise, surprise.


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