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Mr. Peabody And Sherman/Rated PG For Computer Generated Animal Flatulence. Kids Think This Is Very Funny

Based on the Rocky and Bullwinkle series, Mr. Peabody and Sherman make it to the big screen via computer generated images. And they are off on an exciting adventure. It involves jokes, time travel, more jokes, pathos, even more jokes, action sequences, yet more jokes, historical characters, and did I mention, some pretty good jokes.

The two characters are Mr. Peabody, a very intelligent dog who went to Harvard and got a Dogtertarian Degree, and his adopted boy Sherman. They live in a lavish penthouse apartment because Mr. Peabody is a genius inventor with millions, mostly invested in the Milk Bone Company. The state he lives in is full of outraged politicians who are unable to tax dogs except for their licenses.

Sherman is at odds with, and bullied by a cute blonde named Penny at his school. To resolve their disputes, MP invites Penny and her family over for dinner.


Did I mention MP owns a time machine? This is important.

The time machine takes Penny, Sherman and MP off to adventures in ancient Egypt, Italy during the Renaissance, and other historical times and interesting places. Lots of historical people join in the fun. All of this occurs at a lightning pace and with lots of pretty colors. Danny Elfman provides a perfect film score, although the time travelers don’t actually run into him during their travels.

Eventually a time schism occurs. This is very bad. This happened to me once and none of my clocks worked for a week. I missed an appointment to get my hat blocked.

The schism makes it looks like the end is near. Large objects from the past start falling from the sky and cows stop giving milk. Not good. Not good at all. This leads to a big showdown featuring all of the characters from the past, plus a few from recent times, including Bill Clinton who has the best line in the movie.

As you might guess, MP has a brilliant idea of how to fix the schism, and with the help of Sherman and a bowl of Gravy Train, everything turns out for the best. Lots of fun for humans and dogs of all ages. Rated 2.9 out of 4.0 Celebrity Voice Overs. There are a lot of them, so try to guess as you go along.


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