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Montage Students Sashay into their 2018 Studio Showcase

Santa Clara’s Montage Dance Productions held its talent-filled 2018 Studio Showcase on Saturday, June 16. Their Studio Showcases are a chance for Montage to show off what the students and the dance production company are capable of doing. The unstated question, “Just what can they do?” is answered with two simple phrases: “quite a lot” and “very impressively.”

The Showcase featured actors from a wide variety of dance styles — hip hop, K-pop (Korean pop), ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap. Teams of dancers featuring as many as 10 dancers to solo dancers took the stage for their performances.

Even with the diversity of dances each team of dancers proved they have received the proper level of instruction at Montage and were more than prepared for the challenge the Showcase presented.


Located in Santa Clara for the past two years, Montage Dance Productions got its start over 10 years ago when Lauren Hoskins, the founder and Director of Montage, produced the first Montage Dance Showcase.

With that show’s success behind them, Hoskins wasn’t one to rest on her laurels and in 2012, their annual December Dance Showcase was added. At the time, it awarded a $1,000 first-place prize in the Adult Division and $500 first-place prize in the Youth Division. That program has since grown and now features more than 500 youth and adult dancers.

Their Urban Competitions are held the first Sunday in December at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

For more information on the programs offered by Montage Dance Productions, visit their website:


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