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Mission College’s Pister Scholar Says “This Is Just The Beginning”

Mission College's Pister Scholar Says

Timothy Moos knew since he was a young boy that he wanted to grow up and have a career he was passionate about. A simple 9:00 to 5:00 job alone would not cut it for him. Growing up in Seaside California, just outside Monterey, Tim was homeschooled along with his four siblings. His father was a Spanish Language instructor at the Defense Language Institute while his mother managed their household and the children’s daily lessons. When it came time to go to college, Tim went to several to check out classes, surf their websites and tour their campuses, deciding on Mission College for his general education studies.

His sights were always set on UC Santa Cruz, and he had a Transfer Admissions Agreement to study there if he maintained his Grade Point Average and took all the prerequisite classes. When he was encouraged to apply for the Pister scholarship, it just made sense, but when he was contacted to learn he had been awarded the $20,000 scholarship, he was elated. Tim smiles when he shares “The day I went to be interviewed at UC Santa Cruz I was rather nervous, not only because of the magnitude of the award, but because I knew I’d be coming back to ask my girl friend to marry me. Luckily both worked out!”


When asked who has inspired him, Moos mentioned two influential instructors; Steve Mankse, his accounting instructor, and Preston Metcalf, his art history instructor. “Steve is solid as a rock – completely logical and always available to help students. Preston taught Art History in a story format and it was so intriguing that I couldn’t wait to come to class. Both teachers really kept me interested,” said Tim. Steve Mankse had this to say about Moos, “Tim is one of those students I’ll remember forever. He had a certain confidence and maturity rarely seen in students. I’m so pleased he is able to continue his education at such a fine school as Santa Clara University.” While Preston Metcalf said, “As teachers we see a wide spectrum of students pass through our classes. Occasionally we are gifted with students whose enthusiasm and awareness elevate us as much as we endeavor to educate them. Timothy Moos is one such student. When a brilliant and participating student like Timothy comes along, whose lights are on and is clearly going places, it is a joy to teach. Timothy inspires me!”

Moos intends to pursue a Ph.D. after earning his Bachelor’s Degree from UC Santa Cruz. After that, he plans to tackle a career in Quantitative Finance, and/or become a college professor. He currently lives with his fiancé in the Almaden neighborhood of San Jose and will be moving to UCSC on-campus housing in the fall. Perhaps Laurel Jones, president of Mission College, sums it up best when she shared “It’s wonderful to know that a Mission College student is moving forward in his education and career because of the assistance a scholarship can bring to the continued road ahead. Timothy is a worthy recipient and I am certain that he will continue to be successful as he moves on to UC Santa Cruz. Mission College is proud to have had a part in his journey.”

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