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Mission City Voices: The Same Game

I look at their uniforms and they are covered with dirt and grass stains. They’re only 8 and 9 years old but they’re enthusiastic about the game they love.

The cheers and sounds of America’s pastime warm my heart again. Today the best sound of the game is from the dugout and the players’ own cheers. The cheer that especially makes me smile is “Good Eye!” When a player doesn’t swing at a pitch that is close, but is called a ball, “Good Eye!”can be heard throughout the stands. Then a chant begins from the girls dugout,“Good Eye, Good Eye! Ball! Ball! Ball!” Their enthusiasm always makes me smile.

Most were giving their first ball to play with later in life. Their softball skills will show that years of practice pays off. Many girls are looking to put on eye shadow above their eyes, but not my granddaughter Ellie. She wants to put Glare Reduction Softball Eye Black below her eyes. Just like real college and professional softball players do it. Now that’s how to be a real softball competitor! I once heard a new chant, but this time for their coach. How sweet and different and another smile lights my face. Parents in the stands get excited as competition grows stronger when play continues. The girls play their best for their Santa Clara Sparks team and laughter and chants tell it all. They’re happy playing and being competitive with old and new friends.


They sometimes go from a pretty party dress to a dirt-stained uniform with sliding pads in a few hours. Then it’s back to another outfit to match their new passion, whether it be going to a dance or playing another competitive sport. The list has grown as to what makes them excited. The result are the same when I see their smiles; they are the same smiles that are now on our faces. Competition has made them think outside the box as they find themselves choosing new interests in all areas of life. We love our princesses in their ever changing outfits, especially if they have a little dirt on their face and stains on their uniforms.

Mission City Voices

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