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Mission City Voices: A Small Army

The small Army was preparing again for battle. Their tired bodies were spread across the battlefield. They had gathered their forces from the small city in Santa Clara where they grew up. Their Army consisted of friends and neighbors they knew. Their skills were matched by a determined adversary of young combatants, each skilled in their own way. Like skirmishes in the Civil War, spectators would enjoy the battle from the beginning, middle, and to the end.

The small Army’s advancements were met by opposing forces which pushed them back. Sometimes the enemy advanced well into their sacred area. Quickly, and reacting as a team, they forcefully pushed the enemy past where they started; a small victory, for now.

This was the way the battle progressed throughout the day. Opposing warriors were taller than our fighters but our Army’s spirit was not to be matched. Battles were hard fought all day and today ended with a peaceful cease fire. Both sides went back to recover and let their wounds heal and perhaps the next day, meet again. Then again, our small Army may meet a stronger and more ferocious opponent.


Whoever they may battle next, opponents will know that our army of young girl soccer players will give them a fight for dominance out on the field. To show support, spectators once again stood as they applauded their young warriors after a courageous fight on the soccer field. There may be a few drops of blood left on this battlefield but it’s mainly the green grass and the sweat of these young girls playing their hearts out. Thank you to my granddaughter, Kalli and Santa Clara Sporting for showing us your unique skills and courage on the battlefield at the San Diego Surf Cup.

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