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Milestones: What’s in it for you?

When you get ready to vote what goes through your mind? If it is a proposition that has qualified for the ballot, you cannot always tell what it is intended to do by the title.

And, if you are only relying on the short description listed on the ballot, you can be fooled by the wording.

An example of this is Prop 47, which we approved in 2014. It was cleverly worded to make you think it would benefit all Californians. The title was Prop 47, “The Safe Schools and Neighborhood Act.” This is the one that reduced petty crime to nothing more than a Dr. Spock pat on the head.


It is also the reason that petty crime has skyrocketed. Petty thieves no longer worry about punishment since Prop 47 has made crimes less than $950 a non-criminal offense. It is a green light for habitual petty thieves to make your life miserable.

Now, we are witnessing the fallout and result of this law in our neighborhoods. Thieves no longer need to worry. They are protected by law. Imagine: thieves are now protected by the very lawmakers that were voted in to protect you and your property, and enforce the law.


Yes, we voted for this. Even criminals who were in jail for petty theft have been released and are roaming our streets, taking anything not locked down.

If they are apprehended, which is not often, they are issued a “citation.” That’s right; they get a ticket similar to running a red light.

Now, as a taxpayer, a homeowner, and a resident, you might think there would be a rush by our lawmakers to eradicate and correct this well intended but deceptive mistake.

Not the case.

Sacramento legislators have been sitting on their hands. Are you surprised?

What is worse, other states have voted in the same or similar “law.”

Several states that proceeded or followed California’s “law” have witnessed the decline of law and order, in turn producing burglary, vandalism, burning, and disrespect of property for weeks and even months at a time.

This November there are 15 measures on the ballot. Every one with its own weasel clause. Do yourself a favor and read the fine print. What’s really in it for you? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

One of these is Prop 15. This is a scam. This is a proposal to begin taxing commercial property at market value which would cause business rents to go berserk.

As if COVID-19 hasn’t been enough, we need this Proposition like we need the bubonic plague. A Prop 15 tax increase would be the first step in eventually getting to the next one, which law makers really want…of taxing your home at market value.

What a way to kill the California real estate market!


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  1. Jim Landes 4 years ago

    It would be very informative if you could go over some of these bills as I am confused on a few myself. This one with Uber is quite confusing as even Uber is saying vote yes on 22. There needs to be a bill requiring full disclosure of any proposition or bill requiring voters approval. The whole process needs an overhaul, in my opinion.

    On another note, I really enjoy your “Milestones” column and look forward to it each week.

    Jim Landes

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