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Milestones: Fact Is Not Opinion

Congratulations to Mayor Lisa Gillmor, our newly elected Mayor.

The residents of Santa Clara have spoken in a decisive manner.

In a way of balance, citizens are sending Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy to the City Council dais.

These two, representing our new districts two and three, are independent, bright and objective.

Considering the money spent on the Chahal-Biagini Council race, it was a significant salute to Chahal in winning. Biagini may have set a record for the most “independent expenditure” money ever raised and spent on a Santa Clara Council race.

This speaks well for Chahal, a most deserving candidate.

Hardy won handily and will be a strong voice for objectivity at City Hall.

Remaining on Council and not running this year are, Kathy Watanabe, Debi Davis and Teresa O’Neill.

These three are usually joined at the hip with Mayor Gillmor and vote as a unified block. As a result, Gillmor will most likely have no problem in pushing her agenda for the next two years.

If the next two years are comparable to the last two, residents may wish to hold onto their hats and wallets.

You must respect the decision of our voters. While there are always dissenters like me speaking out on issues and actions, when it comes down to crunch time, you as a voter make the decision. You decide who will manage and lead our City.

While I may disagree with your decision, it is important to respect the result. The sum of each election is the majority rules. On the other side, there are objectors. Not opponents, but people in the minority who disagree.

While this paper has printed my opinion column, it is obviously one of minority. That does not make me wrong nor obviously right. It is opinion.

For a more objective viewpoint, you can depend on our writers and Editor. Their job has been, and is, to report the facts. Their stories are thoroughly checked for accuracy, honest facts and presented to you without bias.

For more than thirty years I have owned this paper. The Weekly has brought Santa Clara residents local news, sports, community events, public announcements and politics.

In many ways the community has been most receptive, supportive and encouraging.

While you may disagree with my opinion, that is reasonable and understandable.

However, the news stories our writers and staff bring to you in an objective format are to inform you. They are responsible for writing news in a forthright manner that apprises you of what has happened and will be happening in our City. Those stories are important for you to read and enjoy.

We do not make the news and our writers do not make up the facts.

In my column, I do write my own opinions. While these are opinions, they are my personal interpretation and observations of the news and the facts contained within our newspaper and community.

This past summer, just before I went south with two months of pneumonia, we started a new web portal where you can catch all the Santa Clara and Sunnyvale community news. It is called the Silicon Valley Voice. The address is and you can easily read The Voice on your laptop or phone.

You can also easily respond to any article with your comment.

And, if you comment on my column, remember…it’s an opinion.


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