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Marion Quetano Becomes a Centenarian

Marion Quetano was born on July 7, 1917, in the Mission District of San Francisco to Italian parents.

Quetano is music lover and she often went dancing. Her dancing feet lead her to meet her husband, a saxophone player named Larry. Larry’s band played around San Francisco before World War II.

The pair married in 1938 and gave birth to a son named Ronald and daughter named Sandra. She cared for her children as a stay-at-home-mother. They moved their family to Santa Clara, CA, where they lived in the same home on Blossom Dr. for 50 years.


Retirement gave them gift of the travel. The couple was among the first Americans to visit Russia after travel restrictions were lifted. Their travels also took them to the Panama Canal and the Caribbean. Once on an Alaskan Cruise, they were joined by the Oakland Raiders, who had just won the Super Bowl.

Now widowed and with two grandchildren, Quetano thought of moving to Texas to be near her family, but in the end, knew her heart must remain in the Bay Area. Today, she is an active centenarian, who doesn’t miss an exercise class or her weekly games of dominos.

On July 7, Quetano celebrated her milestone birthday with her close friends and family at her Santa Clara retirement home–Villa Serena.


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