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Looking Back – Week of March 12

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (March 10, 1914)

  • Rapid Growth of Granadafig Firm: L.M. Fatjo’s Dainty Meets with Remarkable Success and Attracts Worldwide Attention: Orders Cannot be Filled: Factory Being Enlarged
  • New Home Tract Opened by Real Estate Men: Malarin Property on Washington Street
  • Panama Pacific Exposition Will Offer New Ideas for Municipalities
  • Reunion of Old Santa Clara Bohemian Club: Hi-Jinks, Smoker, and Banquet Planned
  • Railway Company Wants More Time: Asks for Extension of Franchise on New Road to City Limits on Saratoga Avenue: Town Trustees Unhappy with Further Delay
  • Commercial League to Map Out New Work for Directors: Boosts Cherry Carnival: Members Will Discuss Railroad Situation and Matters of Urgent Importance
  • Dr. Fowler & Dr. Menton will Move into New Offices in Town

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal (March 11, 1964)

  • Wayward Dog Charges Are Dropped by City of Santa Clara
  • College Bond Issue Flops—New Vote is Recommended
  • ‘Row House’ Nod Sought: $5 Million “Town House” Residential Project on East Side of Lawrence Station Road just South of El Camino Real Faces Planning Commission Hearing
  • Rites Held for Victims of Tahoe Plane Crash
  • Peterson High School Gets First Chief: Louis Martini
  • Santa Clara Players Drama, “Angel Street” Opens Run on Friday
  • AAUW Sponsors Santa Clara School Districts Unification Study
  • Jury Ups Value of Santa Clara Home – Urban Renewal Agency Must Offer $17,500 for House on 975 Monroe Street

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