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Looking Back – Week of Dec 25

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (December 23, 1913)

  • Parents Approve of Social Activities of Grammar School Pupils: Talents of Children Witnessed by Parents
  • L. M. Fatjo’s ‘Granadafig’ is the Real Thing: Becoming Popular Christmas Confection
  • Investigation Proves Attorney Rankin’s Charges to be False
  • Pioneer Woman Passes Away: Mrs. A. A. Billings
  • Defeat of Highway Bonds is Due to Neglect of Voters: Only 579 of 1800 Eligible Voted: Utter Disregard and Lack of Interest in Public Affairs Revealed

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal (December 25, 1963)

  • Benny Bufano’s ‘Universal Child’ Statue Arrives in Santa Clara
  • Complaint Revived: New Assessment District Protest to Hit Councilmen
  • For Over 100 Families: Christmas Merry Thanks to “Project Santa Clara Santa”
  • Population Spurts: Santa Clara Population now 81,800 – up from last year’s count of 78,300

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