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Looking Back – Week of April 9

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (April 7, 1914)

  • Municipal Election Landslide for Administration Ticket: Roll, Franck and Howell Elected Town Trustees: George Fallon Wins Easy Victory for Town Marshall
  • For Fire Prevention Day in California: Clean Up Town on April 18th
  • Auto Excursion to San Francisco is Planned: Boosters Will Distribute First Cherries of Season with Carnival Posters and Pamphlets
  • Fruit Crop Exceptional: Best in Years
  • Granafig Being Well Advertised

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal (April 8, 1964)

  • I. Magnin to Open Store in Santa Clara at 3047 Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • Jefferson School District: Double Sessions Only Way to Handle Jam-Packed Bennett School
  • Lafayette Plan Lines are Okayed: 100 Feet Set Without Fight
  • Parking District Killed Amid Roar of Protest: Downtown Renewal to Come First
  • Split 5-2 Vote: Restrictions on El Camino Outdoor Parking Lot Sales Eased
  • New 1-Man Vice Squad Formed Within Santa Clara Police Department: First Arrest Catches Bookie

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