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Looking Back – Week of April 30th Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (April 28, 1914)

  • Automobile Excursion to San Francisco Set for May 27th: Fifty Decorated Machines with Bands and Banners Will Invade Northern Metropolis to Advertise Cherry Carnival: Ten Lovely Queen Candidates to Accompany Excursionists as Guests of Celebration Boosters
  • Fruit Season is Already Open
  • Santa Clara Native Sons to Parade in Cherry Carnival
  • City Health Officer Dr. J.I. Beattie Resigns Office
  • New Steamboat Company Establishes Office Here: A.T. Helm Appointed Local Agent: Main Street Office Made Official Passenger HQ: Auto Buses Leave Here for Alviso Daily and On Return Bring Many Tourists To Our Town and Santa Clara Valley

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal (April 29, 1964)

  • Billboard Ban Eyed Again for El Camino Real: Battle Nearing
  • As of Next Week: It’s Mayor Fargher: Larry Fargher to Take Over Gavel for One-Year Term
  • Youth Goes Back to Bowers School in Jefferson School District: Father Plans to Sell Home So Family Can Move ‘Gifted’ Son to Cupertino District
  • Scratch One More Landmark: Old City Hall Annex at Franklin & Washington Bulldozed
  • First in Santa Clara Urban Renewal Project: Crocker-Citizens National Bank Opens Doors at 990 Benton Street
  • Fireproof Firehouse?: Council Kicks in Extra $92,000 to fireproof the New Main Firehouse at NE Corner of Benton & Alviso Streets
  • First Issue on Agenda: What Exactly is New Cultural Advisory Commission To Do?
  • City’s Sirens Wail: City-Wide Test of Civil Defense System
  • Final Santa Clara Philharmonic Concert of Season Set for Friday

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