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Looking Back – Week of April 23rd Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (April 21, 1914)

  • Cherry Show Will Be Attractive: Queen Contest Opens Today: Candidates Will be Guests on Booster Excursion to San Francisco
  • Prominent Men Will Visit Our Town during Cherry Carnival: Governor Hiram Johnson and San Francisco Mayor James Rolph
  • ‘Go-To-Church Sunday’ To Be Held Next Week Through-out Santa Clara County
  • Town Trustees Grant 30 Day Extension to Railroad: If Company Means Business Sufficient Time Will be Granted for Completion of Trolley Line to Meridian Corners
  • James Pereira Will Manufacture Soda Water for Wholesale

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal (April 22, 1964)

  • City Water Rate Increase Delayed for Public Airing: New Group Asks Time for Meeting – United Homeowners Association Led by Earl Bowe
  • City Attorney Joseph Redmond to Resign City Post
  • Landmarks of a Fading Era to Fall: Barn at 885 Quince and Pereira’s Barn at 980 Pomerey
  • New School Due: Double Session Threat Fades in Jefferson School District: Braly School to be Built to Relieve Crowding at Bennett School
  • Santa Clara Street Mergers in Planning: Homes May be Bulldozed: Winchester to be Linked to Lincoln and Liberty to be Linked to Homestead
  • ‘Too High’ Apartment at Karen Drive Reprieved

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