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Looking Back March 2017

Week of March 29th Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (March 28, 1917)

  • Blossom Fete Throng Hears War Warning: President of Stanford University Urges Every Man to Prepare for the Defense of His Country
  • Santa Clara Man Involved in Guarding Interned German Ships
  • Peace Officers Condon and Fallon in Gun Battle with Desperate Crooks
  • New Marshall Should Be Man of Experience: Present Conditions Require Services of Alert, Vigilant and Experienced Peace Officer
  • Millions for Port Alviso? Pacific Coast Shipbuilding Corp. Looking to Locate a $50 Million Plant
  • Employees Walk Out at Western Grain and Sugar Products Co. Distillery
  • City Clerk Cronin — a Valuable Official!
  • Palo Alto Will Have Municipal Spud Farm

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (March 29,1967)

  • Chamber of Commerce Week to be Held from April 2nd-9th
  • Ernie Nevers, Stanford All-American, to Speak at Chamber of Commerce Meeting at Mariani’s Restaurant
  • Three City Council Incumbents Seek Re-election: Lawrence Fargher, William Kiely, William Wilson
  • Central Library Dedication in April: Friendly Computer Providing Data Processing System for New Library Will Be Showcased
  • Invitational Swimfest Planned for the New International Swim Center Pool: To Be Held July 7th-9th

(compiled by Mary Hanel, Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara)


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