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Looking Back June 2017

Week of June 21th Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (June 22, 1917)

  • Citizens Protest Actions of School Board: Failure to Re-Appoint Two Teachers to Santa Clara Grammar School Raises Storm of Protest
  • June Issue of “The Optimist” Magazine, Published in San Jose, Devotes Twenty Pages to Promoting Santa Clara as ‘The Resident City’
  • Liberty Loan Committee Extends Thanks to Santa Clarans
  • Jury Disagrees Over Intoxicated Driver Charge: Re-Trial Set for July 10th: Driver Claims Accident Was Result of Defective Steering Gear And That He Only Consumed Two Drinks All Day
  • L.H. Albertson takes Issue with County District Attorney A.M. Free’s Charge That the Santa Clara Sewer System is Cause of Unpleasant Odors Being Emitted into Atmosphere
  • Red Cross Committee Sets Goal of Raising $3000: Santa Clarans Have Already Donated Over $1700
  • Santa Clara High School Commencement to be Held at 8 O’Clock Tonight
  • Volunteer Fire Department Holds Annual Picnic at McComb Place on Stevens Creek

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (June 21, 1967)

  • Big Celebration Set for Downtown: Fire Chief Leonard George Chairs 22nd Annual Parade of Champions: YMI Marchers Tie Into Mission Center Fiesta Being Held on Franklin Street Mall
  • Casts and Plays Named for the California Shakespeare Festival at University of Santa Clara
  • Mayor Larry Marsalli Flying to Hawaii to Attend National Mayor’s Conference: While There Will Confer with Honolulu Developer Clarence Ching About His Development Proposal for Vacant Area in Downtown Santa Clara
  • Peter Talia, Redevelopment Agency Chief, Blasts City Council For Approving a Supermarket and Restaurant on The Alameda Near University of Santa Clara Which Will Further Devalue Downtown
  • President Lyndon Johnson’s Aid Sought in Fight to Retain Municipal Power: Cal Farm Group Aligns with City: Pending Contract between Dept. of Interior and PG&E Could Raise City Electricity Rates by 30%
  • Alviso Unlikely to Join Anyone: Forsees Little Benefit in Consolidating with Either Santa Clara or San Jose
  • West Valley College District Enrollment Doubles

(compiled by Mary Hanel, Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara)


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