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Looking Back January 2017

Week of January 18th Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (January 17, 1917)

  • Union Milkmen to Ask for Raise: Request Due to Present High Cost of Living
  • Italian Bunco Men Escape to San Francisco in Local Auto After Fleecing San Jose Man
  • Rosenberg’s Resumes Packing of Prunes: Past Season Busiest in Company’s History
  • Santa Clara University Student, Arthur Bate, Joins 4th Australian Flying Squadron
  • Stanford Boys Fight for France in War: Join American Ambulance Service in France
  • Mrs. Katherine Hollis Dies After Brief Illness
  • Stockholders of Santa Clara Coffee Club Hold Election
  • Rex Theatre is Planning New Innovation: Enterprising Management Announces Many Elaborate Features in Full Page Display Ad in Santa Clara News
  • Stevens Creek Trout Farm, Beautiful Scenery a Few Miles from Santa Clara, is Valley’s Novel Showplace

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (January 18, 1967)

  • Santa Clara ‘Woman of the Year’, Mrs. Robert Amaral, also wins ‘Outstanding Citizen Award’ in San Francisco: Sponsored by St. Clare’s Mothers Guild, she is wife of City’s Deputy Fire Marshall
  • Roadshow Memories: Robert Maskell,1385 Norman Drive, Recalls Stories of his 30 Years of Staging Performances for Rural Communities
  • Tryouts Soon for Aquamaids Trainee Class
  • Schools Widen Scope: SCUSD & Parks & Recreation Dept. Discuss Joint Project to Establish Two Community Schools in Santa Clara: Classes To Be Held at Wilson Intermediate School and Kathryn Hughes Elementary School
  • High School Double Session Classes at Buchser High and Santa Clara High End January 27th After Going On for Three Months
  • El Camino Widening & Improvement Project (between Lawrence Expressway & Pierce St.) Delayed One Year Due to Lack of Action by State Highway Commission
  • Not ‘Babysitting’ Agency: Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Dept. Fights Public Image That Its Playgrounds are Just Places to Drop Kids Off While Mothers Go Shopping
  • First Lt. Chris Patterakis, USAF, Lands his Thunderbird Plane at Peterson High School for a Visit
  • Catholic High School Girls Enrolling: Second Freshman Class at the St. Lawrence Girls High School
  • Diploma Day Dressed Up: SCUSD to Provide 8th Grade Graduates With Full Fledged Graduation Ceremony

(compiled by Mary Hanel, Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara)


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