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Looking Back January 2017

Week of January 11th Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (January 10, 1917)

  • Letter from Peach Association Calls Growers Attention to Terms of Contract
  • San Jose Stores to Observe Prune Day
  • Million and a Half Dollar Bond Issue for County Roads: Board of Supervisors will Call Special Election at Once for Paving of 82 Miles of Highway and 100 Miles of Permanent Grading
  • Stockholders of Mission Bank Meet
  • Santa Clara Opens Up-To-Date Restaurant: First Class Eatery at 975 Washington Street Opened by F. Maggi
  • City Merchant in Energetic Ad Campaign: Jewel Baking Co. Takes Out Full Page Ad: Promotes Specialty Bread

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (January 11, 1967)

  • For Crime Prevention Week: Governor Ronald Reagan and Former Boxing Champion Archie Moore Invited to Town
  • Rent-Free ‘Poor’? No! Says City Council: Plan for Uncle Sam to Pick-up Rent Tab in Improved Dwellings for Local Low-Income Families Fails to Receive Endorsement from Council
  • Marine Owner: Boat Builder’s Story: Profile of Dorsett Boats of Santa Clara Owner Richard W. Dorst, Dorsett Marine, 2550 Scott Blvd.
  • For Another Downtown Project: Feds Approve Planning Fund Advance of $150,000 for $1.5 Million Urban Renewal Project
  • Local Embalmers a ‘Striking Site’ Here: Picket Line in Front of Santa Clara Funeral Home, 1000 Scott Blvd.
  • Reader’s Letter in Poetic Verse Laments Demise of Dergan’s Corner Saloon at Lafayette & Franklin

(compiled by Mary Hanel, Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara)


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