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Week of June 13th Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (June 14, 1918)

*Patriotic Celebration of Independence Day by Santa Clara District War Work Council to be Great Event: Program of Novel Features Being Planned Under Direction of Postmaster Charles D. South


*Invitation to Organizations to Participate in Patriotic Program Which Will Include Parade of Allied Nations, an Oration on American and Allied Ideals, Choral Singing of the Star-Spangled Banner and La Marseillaise and Community Bucket Lunch in Mission Plaza

*Representatives of Six Nations will Parade on Fourth of July: Supreme Council of S.E.S. to Help Celebrate: Camp Fremont Boys Coming

*All Hose Companies of Fire Department to Join Pageant

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (June 12, 1968)

*Computer Ed is Hot Topic: Computerized Education was Both Praised and Attacked at SCUSD Board Meeting

*School Tax Override Vote Considered to Pull School District Out of Red

*Ground-Breaking Ceremony at Santa Clara’s New 160-acre Space Industrial Park: Bulldozer Used instead of Shovels

*Council Conflict on Lester Plan: Mayor Gillmor’s Plan to Postpone Rezoning Action for 30 Days Lost Out at June 4th City Council Meeting

*Two Charter Amendment Propositions — to Allow City Employees to Take Part in Local Political Activities and to End Term Limits for City Council members — Both Soundly Rejected

*Larry Fargher Easily Wins GOP Primary Vote for 9th Congressional District Seat and Don Edwards is Democratic Party Victor

*City Agrees to Study Land Use Issue: Stephen Dorcich Requests Meeting with Property Owners of the Granada-Flora Vista Area

*City to Hold Public Auction for Used Vehicles and Industrial-type Equipment

*Decision Switch Spares Santa Clara Footbridge Joining Tracy Dr. with Mauricia Ave. Across Saratoga Creek


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