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Week of April 4th Headlines


100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (April 5, 1918)

*Santa Clara Valley Mass of White Blossoms: Beauty and Fertility Combined


*Santa Clara News Invites People of the Worthwhile Sort to Come and Make Their Homes Here: Opportunities for Work in the Orchards

*Patriotic Campaign in Full Blast: Mass Meeting Tonight to Open Third Liberty Bond Drive: Troops from Camp Fremont to Perform Military Exercises at Luna Park, San Jose

*Easter Sunday Services Announced

*Santa Clara Confections:  L.M. Fatjo’s Granadafig Company Makes Gold Medal Award Winning Sweet Treats of California Figs, Nuts, Prunes and Apricots

*Constable Mahoney’s Rheumatism Cure: Half Glass of Water in Which a Dozen Grains of Unroasted Coffee Has Soaked for 12 Hours


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (April 3, 1968)

*Proposal for Advisory Group: Embattled Property Owners in Vicinity of Urban Renewal Project Area may be Appointed to Assist City in Bringing Development to Downtown

*Plane Crash into San Jose Schoolyard Kills Family: Victims, Santa Clara Pilot William Wesson, Wife Betty and Daughter Jennifer

*Memorex Plans Major Expansion in Santa Clara: New Facilities Will Include a Million Dollar Headquarters Building

*Banana Ranch Beer Bar at 2400 El Camino Real Loses in 5-1 Vote by City Council: No Live Entertainment Permitted: Topless, Go-Go or Otherwise

*New Principal Named for Laurelwood: Norman Carter, Former Principal of Nadine McCoy Elementary School

*Multi-Million Dollar Apartment Complex for Southwest Corner of Flora Vista and Granada Ave. Gets Planning Commission Approval


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