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Week of March 14th Headlines


100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (March 15, 1918)

*Prominent Businessmen Enter Race for Town Trustee: L.H. Albertson, C.F. Emig and John G. French Seek Municipal Office


*New Directors for Chamber of Commerce: Plans Under Way to Entertain Soldiers from Camp Fremont:  Members Take Up ‘Highway to Alviso’ Movement

*Prune and Apricot Growers Acquire Fine New Building on First Street in San Jose

*’The Glory of Imperfection’: Popular Sermon Given on Sunday by Rev. Harry Owen at Methodist Episcopal Church

*Mary Holloway and Grandchild Murdered on Cashiel Street in San Jose

*Rosenberg Brothers & Co. Wish to Purchase City Property to Make Extensive Improvements to Their Business

*Death of Thomas Brady: He Taught in Parochial School Here

*Santa Clara Brewery One of Oldest Firms in Santa Clara: Established in 1860s


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (March 13, 1968)

*City Fathers to Discuss Dissolving Santa Clara Redevelopment Agency If No Firm Proposals for Downtown Redevelopment Come in  by April 15th

*City Councilman William P. Kiely Announces His Candidacy for Democratic Nomination in the Race for the 9th Congressional District Seat:  Supports President Lyndon Johnson’s Policy in Vietnam

*City Councilman Larry Fargher Candidate for Republican Nomination in Race for 9th Congressional District Seat: Names his Steering Committee

*John Vasconcellos Seeks Second Term as State Assemblyman for District 34: Ready to Kick-off His Re-election Campaign

*California Young Republicans to Hold Convention at Mariani’s Motel & Restaurant Starting This Friday: Billed as First State-wide Political Convention Held in Santa Clara

*Lost in Boondocks — City Dump Hard to Find without Map: Located at 5333 Coffin Rd. in Santa Clara’s Hinterlands, it can be Seen but not Approached From Lafayette St.

*School District to Seek $60,000 to Expand STRIVE (Student Training Related to Industry and Vocational Education) Program which Starts in 7th Grade

*Killed in Vietnam: Captain Kennedy Michael Shannon, a Santa Clara University graduate


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  1. tom costa 4 years ago

    i’d like someone to show me exactly where Coffin Rd Santa Clara was – maybe a picture of an old map.

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