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Week of November 29th Headlines


100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (November 30, 1917)

*Santa Clara Boys May Return to Camp Fremont


*City is Ideal Home Center of California: Superior Advantages of Santa Clara are Attracting Many New Home Settlers: Finest Schools in the West: Unexcelled Climate and General Environments Make This City Garden Spot of Valley

*Santa Clara Post Office to Offer Thrift Stamps

*Taxpayer Citizen Wants Gravel on Road Instead of Mud

*Santa Clara Parlor of the Native Sons of the Golden West Celebrates 16th Anniversary

*University of Santa Clara Closed Until Monday for Thanksgiving Holiday

*Scheme to Standardize Automobile Traffic Laws is Goal from California State Convention of Traffic Officers

*Funeral of San Jose’s Noted Crusader for the Poor and Needy: Mrs. David J. Spence


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (November 29, 1967)

*New Shopping Center Planned at Corner of Homestead Road and Lawrence Expressway for Residents of Killarney Farms Subdivision

*Ballot Out to Elect Nine New Directors to the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce

*Redevelopment Director Tom Bell Has High Hopes for Six-Block Downtown Santa Clara Area after Returning from Week-long Meeting in Honolulu with Financier Clarence T.C. Ching: Discussed 12-story High-rise Commercial and Apartment Project

*Museum Okayed: February 1st Set as Target Date to Open New Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara: To be Located on City-owned Land Across from City Hall: Museum Complex to Feature 3 Octagonal Buildings Joined by Covered Walkway

*City Holds Auction: Two Bidders Compete for City-owned Grazing Land for Cattle  or Horses on Portion of the Former Collier Property Located North of Bayshore

*University of Santa Clara Ballet Ensemble to Hold Christmas-themed Recital at Lifeboat Theatre on The Alameda on December 1st.


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