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Drone Hovers Over Levi’s Stadium Game, Drops Leafets

On Sunday, Nov. 26, Tracy Michael Mapes, a Sacramento man, flew a drone over Levi’s Stadium during the 49ers vs. Seahawks game and dropped anti-media leafets.

Mapes, 55, was arrested in Alameda County after doing the same thing later that day over the Oakland Coliseum.

Santa Clara Police Department’s Lt. Dan Moreno was at the stadium during the incident.


“I actually saw it. I was working on the field,” said Lt. Moreno.

According to Lt. Moreno, the drone flown by Mapes at a distance hovered for a bit before moving south to the southern end zone. The drone then dropped some leafets—most of which were carried out of the stadium by rain and wind. Other leafets found their way to the stadium’s upper deck.

The red and white leafets were titled “\WARNING!/// STOP THE TV WHORE TAKEOVER!” They continued to rant about how TV media and politics are filled with people involved in prostitution and sites the 1st Amendment.

SCPD at the stadium radioed in the drone incident and also alerted police at the Oakland Coliseum to be on the lookout. Lt. Moreno said that they had a hunch that Mapes would try to pull the same thing at the Raiders vs. Broncos game. They were correct. Mapes left Levi’s Stadium and drove straight to the Oakland Coliseum to drop more leaflets.

In August 2015, the Santa Clara City Council voted to add Ordinance #1942 to Chapter 8.60 of the Santa Clara Municipal Code. The Ordinance says, “The City is mandating a ‘no-fly’ restriction at all times by unmanned aircraft systems within one-half mile around and over Levi’s Stadium, over Santa Clara University sports facilities when they are in use, and over large venue special events in public parks and public facilities that will attract large groups of people. All drones are subject to weight and design restrictions.”

Mapes was arrested for a misdemeanor for violating the Ordinance.

According to Lt. Moreno, SCPD does have aerial security measures for Levi’s Stadium, though couldn’t discuss them due to security reasons.

He did say that they are constantly updating their security measures and working with state and federal officials to make the air above and around the stadium more secure.


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