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Week of September 27th Headlines

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (September 27,1967)

  • United Black Students for Action, Led by Harry Edwards, Issues Open Invitation to Work with Anyone in an Effort to Solve Racial Problems at San Jose State College: College President Robert D. Clark Offers Proposals Aimed at Ending Alleged Racial Discrimination On or Off Campus
  • Although Not Faced with Militant Students and Riots Like at Other Bay Area Colleges, University of Santa Clara Students Protest Dress Code Crackdowns
  • Santa Clara Teachers Awarded Salary Hikes: 5-1/2 % Pay Hike Awarded by SCUSD Board
  • Cowboy Jim Donovan Day Proclaimed by City Council in Honor of Cowboy Jim’s 70th Birthday
  • Fiesta Days are Here Again: Santa Clara’s Northern California Version of a Tournament of Roses Parade
  • Movie and TV Star Guy Stockwell Will Preside Over This Year’s Parade of Champions
  • Grand Success! Mission City Artists Show at Central Library Includes City Purchase Award Winners in the Category: Santa Clara Past & Present

(compiled by Mary Hanel, Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara)


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