Venezuela’s Struggle – Letter to the Editor

It’s no secret that the conflict-ridden country of Venezuela is experiencing a major humanitarian crisis that has caused more than three million Venezuelans to flee the country for neighboring countries like Colombia and Brazil (NPR, April 5th).

The primary goal of foreign policy in Venezuela is to bring President Nicolas Maduro to the negotiating table. With countries such as Russia and China publicly supporting Maduro’s government, the U.S. must show restraint. Considering America’s poor track record in Latin America, Trump’s threat of U.S. military intervention in Venezuela could be interpreted as imperialistic.

Sanctions have pressured Maduro; they have crippled the petroleum industry, and encouraging NGOs to improve public health have been effective. But any steps toward military intervention may have disastrous consequences. A policy of nonintervention is the best way to defend democracy.

This is Venezuela’s struggle for freedom and democracy, not ours.