Mania – Letter to the Editor

William and Tania Rose could not have scripted a better study in collective madness as they did in “It’s a Mad, Mad, World,” with the exception of sone members of the Santa Clara City Council. Again, Gillmor, Chahal, Hardy, and Mahan are doing well, but the same trio of nitwits astound us all particularly Davis and Watanabe. The latest diatribe of idiocy coming from Lucy and Ethel centers around district elections. The court mandated district elections much to the chagrin of Davis, who launched a moronic rebuttal which is an indication that Davis could not win a district election much less pass a college level course in anything. As for the Niner Game beer guzzler, but Stadium opponent Watanabe, she tries to develop complicated solutions with one hand, but boasts that she is a district oriented person.