The Real Blupac Story – Letter to the Editor

Hidden in all the various emails and files from Senate investigators is the tale of Sean Fergurson, a long time associate of the 49ers who also did work for the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ferguson had offices in San Francisco and the Soviet town of Almaty. Connected to business interests of the Yorks. Ferguson knew of Ro Khanna’s opposition to trade deals with Kazakhstan..and the country’s good relations with Mike Honda. Indeed Ferguson knew he could be connected with the 49ers and the Blupac crew and assigned bots to slander people like Haggag, Tino Silva, and people like Haugh. Sean Ferguson is still.out there, evading Mueller, Adam Schiff, even our City Attorney.

Scared that Haugh and the POA was getting close, Ferguson escaped to Montenegro funded by the Yorks.

Well, if this not true, it ought to be