Letter to the Editor by David Baldwin

A mail carrier took exemplary action after a motorcycle accident in Santa Clara. His quick thinking and action may have prevented further injuries.

On the morning of November 4th, a motorcycle rider went down in the far right, southbound lane of Lawrence Expressway at Poinciana Drive.  At the time the mail carrier’s postal truck was stopped at the light on Poinciana.  The mail carrier then put his truck in park, activated the truck’s emergency lights, and rushed to the aid of the downed rider.

Cars on Lawrence Expressway were still streaming around the injured rider, his motorcycle, and others who had come to help.  Seeing the risk, the postal carrier ran back to his truck and positioned it behind the motorcycle forming a shield for the rider and people helping at the scene.  It also better alerted the drivers on Lawrence expressway to the accident.


Coincidentally that day I worked as a volunteer in the emergency department at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara where the injured motorcycle rider was taken.  At the hospital I had a brief conversation with the rider.  He was also impressed by the actions of the postal worker to reduce the risk of further injuries before fire and police personnel could respond.

I passed this information on through the US Postal Service website.  Hopefully, the mail carrier will be identified and recognized for his admirable actions.