Re: New Downtown On The Horizon – Letter to the Editor

Seems the City  Council is giving away money!!  Of course $578,346 is being given to an outside “organization”  a Philadelphia company,  to once again, for the EIGHTH time to revitalize our lost downtown.  They have this contract for three years and our city manager can extend it for another three should they ask.  I have no doubt they will as it is free money!!

Why is this losing project continuing??  If it has failed seven times, why try once again??  The loss that was won years ago cannot be replaced now.  Those citizens who lived here at the time the downtown disappeared are likely no longer here, so who is asking for its return??  The group that is at the heart of it declares this to be a “Once in a lifetime opportunity”!! I agree with that statement, but there have been seven previous efforts, what about all those “opportunities”??  I agree with Karen Hardy when she states she wants to make sure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.  What part of seven times does she refer to??

Santa Clara has grown in many directions, and the former “downtown” is not one of them  Since the former “downtown” was demolished other buildings, businesses, homes, have taken root in the space that was vacated.  What guarantee does this new company give that they can succeed where others have failed??  There was not one word in the article about that!!  It may surprise none of us when this effort fails as well, but the cost is so much greater than those of the past.  Guess the city has lots of free money to give away.  In any case, Mt Everest is available for climbing should Mr. Ondrasek care to try.