SB 50 + SB 330 = More $ for Developers – Letter to the Editor

These bills undermine city planning and sustainable community strategies. SB 50 shifts local zoning control from city councils to developers and transit agencies, who would determine housing densities, building heights, parking requirements…in:(a) “transit-rich” areas (b) “job-rich” areas with schools producing “positive outcomes”. That ¼ mile from a high-frequency bus route is “transit-rich” opens up the possibility of bus services created for developers’ applications and then eliminated later. Does high-density housing with little or no parking and no transit provide real homes?  SB 300 further restricts impact fees and design standard changes if more costly. The League of California Cities opposes SB 50 unless amended, and opposes SB 330, noting that developers’ cost savings are not required to be passed on to the consumer. These bills are sailing through state committees. Please contact your state representatives asap: Whom should they work for?


Meiling Stefan