Letter to the Editor by Robert Woody

Sneaking across the border under the cover of darkness with the aid of a coyote doesn’t make you an immigrant nor does living here illegally for ten years make you a U.S. citizen. When they do that they are committing a crime which makes them criminals.

Putting a spin on it by calling them undocumented workers or immigrants to sway public opinion is wrong and untruthful. They need to put the word Illegal in front of the word immigrant when making their statements. In my opinion that is an affront to all of the immigrants who came here legally through legal channels.

As far as the I.C.E. statement if I.C.E. was allowed to do their job the young woman in San Francisco, the police officer from Newman and just recently the woman in San Jose all murdered by illegal immigrants would still be here today with their family, friends and loved ones.