Patent Medicine – Letter to the Editor

In the 19th Century, con men prepared a host of patent medicines using coal tar, morphine, petroleum, and alcohol. They were successful in many towns especially by employing local fools as useful idiots to endorse their alchemy. Now con artists like Ro Khanna, Jude Barry, and John Shallman are preparing a host of coal tar medicines and have managed to convince useful fools like Teresa O’Neill, Kathy Watanabe, and Davis to swig them down. Did you see the hopeless sham that produced the hapless Nancy Biagini as a planning commissioner? Watanabe was confused about what was scripted for her by El Judo that she barely managed to put a verb to a participle and get Bumbling Biagini selected, It is time for Davis, O’Neill, and Watanabe to petition to join the Chiltern Hundreds and allow grownups to serve on the Council.