Letter to the Editor by Stephanie

I am writing to you because I enjoy your paper and hope that you can help.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the Safeway on 2760 Homestead Road in Santa Clara and have been shopping here for decades.  One of the deli clerks, Rudy, was walking to the customer service area holding a white towel over his arm.  I heard that he was assaulted by shoplifters as he was taking a picture of their license plate.  Thank heaven the thugs were apprehended.  I hope they get hit with assault and battery with an extension of assault on a senior.

To add insult to injury, Safeway fired Rudy !!!

Rudy is a really nice guy and is probably in his late 60s or early 70s.  He has a slight build and may be not even 5′ tall.  He wasn’t involved in fisticuffs with the thieves but was just taking a picture of the license plate when he was attacked.

I am appalled at Safeway and would like the citizens to know.  Ever since Albertson’s took over Safeway and even Lucky, I feel that things have gone downhill.  I know that a Safeway employee at another store was fired because he was trying to help a woman who was being beaten.  Citizen outrage over the incident got the man his job back.  I would like Rudy to have his job back.

I do have a contact for a regional manager, Steven Kozak, who is the District 8 manager.  His phone number is (510) 363-7760 (cell), and his e-mail is steve.kozak@safeway.com.  Please help Rudy get his job back.  Thanks.