Letter to the Editor by Pat Alves

I have two questions:  The first is why does a voting lobbying group based in Maryland have any business in California??  Don’t they have enough issues in their own state to keep them busy??  How we vote here is no ones business but those who live here.

The second question I have is:  Does the City Council not have enough to do that censuring two members for their decision of not voting to appoint someone to take a vacant seat??  Surely the two members are following the law and because their choice differs from the majority, they are going to be “censured”??  Who does this and why waste the time??

Evidently the majority of the council needs their vote for other issues and doing this will not grant favors.  Mahan and Kolstad have the right to their reasons of why they did not choose one appointee or another.  The people of Santa Clara will choose the new council member when next we vote, as it should be.   A reminder that the voters are also responsible for choosing future council members.   At times when I read what is going on in our city it sometimes sounds very much like a group of kids fighting for a specific toy in a sandbox.  Surely our elected council is better than that!!  Our elected personnel need to work together for the best choices for our city.  We all live here and need to get along.