Letter to the Editor by “A middle aged Santa Clara swimmer”

I fully agree with the boy scout who would love to swim more at International Pool in Santa Clara. I have been a Santa Clara resident since 1971 and have seen the pools close and the pool hours get shortened over the years.  I pay for a pass to use the pool over the summer, yet still only have limited hours to use it.  I work until 5 during the week, leaving me with just weekends in June, July, and August – yet the hot season is from late May until early October.  The International is used all year long for swimming and diving meets, so the pool must be kept up most of the year.

The next problem I have with the way the pools are run, is not only is it open only short summer hours, but on some weekends it is closed due to swim meets.  The hours are never given back to the citizens of Santa Clara, especially those that have bought a pool pass and have already paid to use the pool.  It is very frustrating to show up with a prepaid pass on a hot July weekend and be locked out of the lap pool in the middle of the day.

The last problem that I feel exists, is lap swimming for adults and seniors.  The lap swim times are in the late morning during the week.  If you are 55 or younger, then you are usually at work at those times.  That is a problem for me, who likes to lap swim and has to avoid anyone who wants to swim anywhere in the pool in any direction in the middle of a weekend day.

My suggestion is to have the pool open on weekends from late May until at least the end of September, and to make up for closed days due to swim meets.  Also, to change or add to adult/senior lap swim, to accommodate all Santa Clara Citizens who would like to utilize their public pool at more convenient times.